Lifting: what type of crane to choose?

It was Lifting: what type of crane to choose?the distant 1954 when the Sandri brothers handcrafted their first crane to meet the needs of their bodywork and heavy-duty workshop. Since then, time has passed: over the years, the lifting equipment we provide for rental has evolved to meet every requirement.

Today, Autogru Sandri boasts a vast and articulated fleet to satisfy even the most complex requests, both indoor and outdoor, always in complete safety.

Although all cranes can lift and handle loads, even heavy and at great heights, each type of machine has different dimensions, capacities, and arm limits to adapt to specific lifting activities.

Our models are primarily three: long boom cranes, multifunctional cranes, and self-propelled electric cranes.

Here are their main features and uses.


Long boom cranes: perfect for reaching greater heights

Our long boom cranes represent a true revolution, offering efficient and reliable solutions in contexts where power and precision are essential.

Thanks to their ability to lift various materials at considerable heights, these machines are indispensable in multiple sectors. From the construction industry, where there is a daily need to handle heavy and large objects, to the industrial sector, long boom cranes demonstrate their value in terms of efficiency and safety.



Multifunctional cranes: suitable for any application

Multifunctional cranes combine power, speed, and adaptability into a single solution. Whether it's work in industrial facilities or roadside assistance, these cranes are always up to the task.

Installed on trucks and equipped with special tools, they offer the possibility to attach trailers for executing third-party transports and exceptional transports. Radio-controlled and with various accessories available, they can also operate in electric mode, further expanding their application.

Moreover, their compactness and maneuverability make them ideal for assembly and disassembly operations of machinery within industrial facilities, where space is often limited.



Electric self-propelled cranes: reduced dimensions and extraordinary maneuverability

Our electric self-propelled cranes are a perfect blend of performance, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. With zero emissions in terms of noise and environmental pollution, they fully comply with current regulations, making them the ideal option for working in environments with hygiene and health restrictions.

But the great advantage of electric self-propelled cranes lies in their extraordinary maneuverability. Thanks to their compact dimensions, these vehicles offer surprising performance even in the tightest spaces, with the ability to handle heavy and/or bulky loads on wheels.

Radio-controlled and equipped with anti-slip wheels, these machines ensure precise and safe load control.



Autogru Sandri: crane rental for every need

To choose the right crane, it is sometimes necessary to rely on industry professionals. At Autogru Sandri, we guide our customers in the choice of the right equipment in the right place, conducting preliminary inspections with an expert team, always ensuring customized solutions aimed at precise and safe service execution.


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