F.LLI SANDRI, since 1964 a name, a guarantee, for handling, lifting and transport

The industry changes and so does the sector of heavy lifting and transport; but why have we been working in this sector for sixty years and how do we tackle the various daily operations?


The birth of Autogru Sandri

It all began in the early fifties with the brothers Angelo, Bruno, and Odino Sandri who, in a historical context of recovery from World War II, decided to start an artisan company for carpentry work and repairs in Tezze sul Brenta (VI), soon transforming it into a workshop for heavy vehicles.

From the outset, the three brothers identified the need to lift and handle heavy vehicles and goods, leading them to build special lifting equipment specific to their work requirements. Over the years, as their number of customers grew, demands for loading, unloading, and material handling services at their sites increased. By 1964, the focus shifted towards mobile crane rental services, left the workshop sector altogether.


Second generation steps in

From the eighties to the late nineties, there was a definitive leap in quality, laying the foundations of the modern company. With the departure of Angelo and Odino and the entry of the second generation - Maurizio, Ottorino, and Angelo, Bruno's sons - F.LLI SANDRI expanded its services to its customers, delving into freight transport for third parties, heavy road assistance, industrial lifting, machinery relocation, and temporary storage, managing and guaranteeing all of this personally, from the preliminary inspection to the final execution of the intervention, with its own vehicles, specialized staff, and equipment.


New spaces and a state-of-the-art vehicles fleet

However, this expansion necessitated new business spaces. Therefore, in 2012, a new garage was built with 7,000 square meters available in Cittadella (PD), strategically located to quickly serve the entire North-East of Italy. Currently, the vehicle fleet is diversified in capacity and range, offering a wide 360-degree choice capable of satisfying any customer request, from indoor to outdoor, for industrial companies and beyond.


For 60 years, our diligence at your service

Versatility, efficiency, innovation, competence, punctuality, and above all, continuous attention to the quality and safety of our entire system, recognized by ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certifications. Whatever the goods to be handled, F.LLI SANDRI offers its customers specific services: from the preliminary inspection, through the selection of the "right vehicle in the right place", to the final execution of the work with our specialized personnel; all from a single supplier. You can expect all this from F.LLI SANDRI, and you can be sure that in the future F.LLI SANDRI will continue to put its skills and resources at your disposition to always meet your needs, because F.LLI SANDRI is not just a name but a guarantee.


Registered office:

Via Nazionale, 2 , 36056 
Belvedere di Tezze sul Brenta (VI) 

Administrative headquarters and plant:

Via Mottinello 
35013 Cittadella (PD)

+39 049 5979406

Sandri Maurizio +39 348 700 8511

Sandri Ottorino +39 348 700 8512

Sandri Angelo +39 348 700 8513

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