Crane sizes, Autogru Sandri's options

Last month, we presented our main lifting models, but when it comes to choosing a crane that suits your needs, there are many considerations to take into consideration: how large is the work area? What type of activity needs to be carried out? What is the required lifting capacity?

A wrong choice could not only result in additional costs but also compromise the safety of the operation. To avoid mistakes, when renting a crane, the first things to consider are the intervention area and the activity to be performed.

From compact models, ideal for indoor works with limited spaces and precise operations, to outdoor giants capable of lifting hundreds of tons: here are the main options from Autogru Sandri and their advantages.


Long boom cranes

Crane sizes, Autogru Sandri's options
Our long boom cranes, as the name suggests, are characterized by an extended boom that can reach up to 60 meters in length.

This feature makes them ideal for operations that require lifting and moving loads over considerable distances.

Unlike some smaller cranes that may require frequent movements within the construction site, long boom cranes can often be positioned at a single strategic point, reducing the need for continuous repositioning. The length of their boom allows them to easily overcome obstacles such as buildings, trees, or other structures.


Electric self-propelled cranes

Thanks to their compact size, our electric self-propelled cranes are ideal for operating in areas with limited space or restricted access, where other bulkier vehicles might struggle to maneuver the load (on wheels).

Crane sizes, Autogru Sandri's options

With a boom extension capacity of up to 12 meters, these cranes can reach good heights while maintaining a relatively small base.

The electric self-propelled crane can lift weights up to 100 tons and move agilely with the load. This makes it extremely practical in situations where material needs to be moved quickly, precisely, and safely from one point to another on the construction site.


Multifunctional cranes

Versatility is the keyword when we talk about our multifunctional cranes. With dimensions smaller than long boom cranes, these machines combine the performance of large cranes with the flexibility of smaller machines.

Crane sizes, Autogru Sandri's options

They are particularly useful for industrial handling, with an arm that can extend "under load" up to 30 meters and a lifting capacity of up to 300 tons.

Some of our latest models, such as Idrogru KT300.26 S HE, are designed for heavy indoor work, providing optimal solutions for operations that require high lifting capacity in confined spaces.

Thanks to their stabilization, it is possible to lift and move industrial machineries and heavy loads for short distances within industrial warehouses.

Moreover, multifunctional cranes can be equipped with a trailer: an option that significantly expands the crane's capabilities, allowing not only the transportation of the lifted load but also additional equipment or materials.


Crane sizes, Autogru Sandri's options

Trucks with crane

Finally, as an alternative to multifunctional cranes, we propose trucks with cranes.
These vehicles offer a practical solution for lifting and transporting loads efficiently with a single vehicle.

They provide a maximum lifting capacity of 17 tons and a boom height that can reach up to 30 meters in height.


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