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For the rental of mobile cranes in Verona you can rely on one of the leading companies in the Northeast sector, namely Autogru Sandri. The company operates in the main provinces of Veneto, and in particular in the north-east area, always guaranteeing an effective solution for everything that has to do with loading, unloading, lifting and transport of heavy loads. Thanks to over fifty years of experience in the sector, a 360-degree oriented proposal and a large fleet of machines.

Numerous services offered by Autogru Sandri : ranging from the rental of forklifts to that of multifunctional mobile cranes, passing through the handling of heavy loads, exceptional transport and that for third parties, up to temporary storage and heavy roadside assistance. Autogru Sandri is also the answer for crane truck rental and lifting crane rental.

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Crane rental in Verona: the vast fleet of Autogru Sandri vehicles

Those looking for a crane rental in Verona therefore find the ideal partner in Autogru Sandri: customers can choose between small, medium and large cranes, truly suitable for every need. Furthermore, the fleet has been recently expanded with the inclusion of the hybrid multifunctional crane Idrogru KT300.26 S HE: compact, fast and powerful, it is suitable for different industrial uses thanks to the maximum capacity of 300 tons. The Ormig 55/60iE electric self-propelled mobile crane is also available, with a maximum capacity of 60 tons, which has its strengths in its small size and easy manoeuvrability especially in confined spaces. To complete the new equipment, also a series of trailers and semi-trailers.

In this way Autogru Sandri guarantees an increasingly personalized and tailor-made proposal based on the real needs of customers. Do not forget that the company's technicians carry out a preliminary inspection, able to accurately determine the times and phases of work. The result? The certainty of an intervention always carried out with precision and efficiency, in maximum safety, and a significant reduction in any waiting time: the customer finds in the Vicenza company a single point of contact for any need, from crane rental to Verona to all connected services.
Thanks to its modern and flexible setting, Autogru Sandri can offer a very high quality service at competitive prices: an added value for a company that has made customer care its strong point.


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