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We offer a battery electric crane rental service to all our customers in Veneto and North East Italy.

Our electric cranes have several advantages, to carry out different types of operations:

  • small dimensions, allow you to move easily even in small spaces
  • sustainable for the environment, they do not pollute and make no noise
  • large turning radius, which ensures easy maneuvering
  • anti-track wheels, to protect the most delicate floors
  • equipped with a wide range of jibs and extensions to work where there is very little light, for example between a floor and the harness point
  • autonomous, during operation they do not need to be connected to a current source, so they are able to move freely.

The rental of electric cranes is the ideal solution for those who need to move goods quickly, effectively and sustainably.


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Registered office:

Via Nazionale, 2 , 36056 
Belvedere di Tezze sul Brenta (VI) 

Administrative headquarters and plant:

Via Mottinello 
35013 Cittadella (PD)

+39 049 5979406 

Sandri Maurizio +39 348 700 8511

Sandri Ottorino +39 348 700 8512

Sandri Angelo +39 348 700 8513

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