The first 100 ton electric self-propelled crane in the Triveneto region. Compact, stable and versatile: Ormig 100iE

A concept that was unthinkable until a few years ago for the industrial sector and beyond; lifting and handling, with the same crane, loads of up to 100 tons, but now all this has become possible!

It is a great pleasure that we present to you the new addition to F.LLI SANDRI, the Ormig 100iE electric self-propelled crane, a vehicle that implements the range of battery-powered self-propelled cranes - from 16 to 100 tons - in our fleet and at the at the same time, it has numerous characteristics:

  • compact: width of only 2.44 meters, overall radius of 5.44 meters offers a minimum turning radius that allows the crane to rotate on itself
  • stable: four points of support on the ground in all steering conditions, necessary to maximize the lateral stability of the vehicle, offering millimetric maneuverability. Self-loading removable outriggers at the front of the machine to ensure greater safety during lifting
  • versatile: intelligent and innovative criteria; modularity of the counterweights which allow the crane to be easily transportable and versatile with increasing capacity tables, hydraulically operated oscillating head installed at the tip of the arm, capable of lifting heavy loads with extreme ease.

Furthermore, the Ormig 100iE electric self-propelled crane also features numerous accessories and the man-machine interface control falling within the Industry 4.0 standards, allow F.LLI SANDRI to offer its customers a completely innovative crane, with maximum precision and manageability for the work of movement of machinery.



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