Innovative, compact and ready for great things: Jekko JF545

A new vehicle becomes part of the F.lli Sandri vehicle park; an innovative set-up that combines a crane articulated by truck on a self-propelled crawler, Jekko JF545.

The innovation of this very compact medium vehicle lies in its own specific characteristics, such as:

  • maximum lifting capacity of 15.5 tons and a maximum height of 30 meters
  • variable stabilization, in this way it is possible to carry out lifts in confined spaces and safely
  • double power supply: or with diesel engine - euro V - or with electric pump - silent and without any type of emissions - to be able to guarantee the most suitable choice for construction site needs, even in environments subject to sanitation restrictions
  • crawlers, equipped with white anti-track shoes for the protection of the most delicate floors
  • possibility to install a basket for work at height

But the potential certainly does not end here...

F.lli Sandri with Jekko JF545 is able to guarantee constant safety for service personnel and not only through "man machine" interlocution systems, thanks to the management system provided by industry 4.0 and, as usual, an efficient and rapid transfer of the vehicle from our plant to the intervention site.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that F.lli Sandri is the first charterer in the mobile crane and road transport sector able to supply this Jekko JF545 mini crane in Veneto, expanding and improving more and more, therefore the current offer and range of services to its own customers especially for industrial and production plants.


Registered office:

Via Nazionale, 2 , 36056 
Belvedere di Tezze sul Brenta (VI) 

Administrative headquarters and plant:

Via Mottinello 
35013 Cittadella (PD)

+39 049 5979406

Sandri Maurizio +39 348 700 8511

Sandri Ottorino +39 348 700 8512

Sandri Angelo +39 348 700 8513

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