New standards for your transport with the Goldhofer Stepstar STN-L3 semi-trailer

Numerous changes affect the world of transport more and more on a daily basis, through increasingly stringent regulations and increasingly complex customer requests, therefore F.lli Sandri, which for many years has been committed in a versatile way to increasingly meet the needs of its customers, integrates a new semi-trailer into its fleet which joins the long list of similar vehicles.

The vehicle in question is a Goldhofer semi-trailer model Stepstar STN-L3 (245) equipped with three self-steering axles able to offer high quality, safety and versatility thanks to:

  • robust and at the same time light own elements, which offer a high payload, therefore it is possible to load more quantities of goods always in compliance with the current regulations
  • intelligent tailor-made load securing concept which offers a multitude of possibilities for securing goods thanks to numerous holes, rings and lashing eyes
  • simple operation thanks a wide range of practical accessories (hydraulic loading ramps, spreaders, masts, etc.) for service personnel, thus making the daily use of the means of transport flexible and economical.

A new semi-trailer for our fleet which makes transporting our customers' goods even simpler, safer and more versatile.



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