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At the forefront of the transport with cranes in Vicenza and beyond, Autogru Sandri offers its services throughout the Veneto region. The company, in particular, specializes in the handling and lifting of machinery and exceptional goods, out of shape and mass.

In the case of heavy and bulky loads, F.lli Sandri has developed a specific type of crane transport on Vicenza in which it also provided for the accompaniment of a mobile crane that assists loading and unloading operations. In fact, the Tezze sul Brenta company has a large fleet of vehicles, which includes trucks, lorries and articulated lorries, trailers and semi-trailers, as well as cranes of different types, sizes and capacities.

The company already has over fifty years of experience in the sector of exceptional transport and crane rental, and is therefore the perfect partner for any type of transport, in which the means of F.lli Sandri's trucks and the skill of its specialized collaborators are useful, safe and quick for handling, loading and unloading operations.

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Transport with cranes by Autogru Sandri

Thanks to its staff and experience, the Tezze sul Brenta company is therefore able to carry out any handling and lifting operation with extreme flexibility and efficiency. Among the services in which the company has specialized there are in particular those related to transport with cranes in Vicenza: Autogru Sandri collaborates in particular with companies, providing its vehicles and their experience for highly professional work, carried out with care and efficiency.

Each offer is customized to the needs of each customer and planned in every detail: for exceptional transport involving heavy loads, Autogru Sandri provides for the accompaniment of a mobile crane in order to facilitate all loading and unloading operations.

Timing and methods of each intervention of crane transport in Vicenza and the province are carefully agreed with each customer in order to be able to offer the best service in an economically advantageous way: the word order of Autogru Sandri is quality at every stage, from the estimate to the conclusion of the work.


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