Exceptional transport in Treviso and in the North East

Exceptional transport requires suitable machinery, experience to best deal with any unforeseen events and knowledge of regulations. This is why it is essential to rely on professionals in the sector, able to follow all the phases of this delicate operation. Autogru Sandri offers its numerous lifting and handling services throughout North-East Italy, also following exceptional transports in Treviso in the best possible way.
This term, in more detail, indicates all movements of non-divisible plant and machinery, whose weight or dimensions exceed what is established by articles 61 and 62 of the Highway Code.
The company, which has been active in the sector for three generations, fielded a large fleet, with special vehicles for all needs, in constant renewal, as demonstrated also by the latest acquisitions. They are essential tools to support all the services offered by Autogru Sandri, from loading to unloading, from crane transport to rental.

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Exceptional transport: F.lli Sandri presents at every stage

As regards, more specifically, exceptional transport in Treviso, F.lli Sandri is able to follow the entire process, starting from the free preliminary inspections, the first step in planning the phases and work times, in constant dialogue with the customer and his needs. We then proceed with the feasibility study, accurately defining the operational dimension, paying great attention to the regulations in force. This also ensures maximum security.
We also remind you that there is a large space dedicated specifically to goods storage.
The strength of Autogru Sandri is not only the wide range of services offered, which range from from rental to trucking with cranes, but also the preparation and competence of the team and the competitive prices, always ensuring a first-rate quality.


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